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The company’s origins

Touax’s origins can be traced back to 14 July 1855, when a French imperial decree established a company called Compagnie de Touage de la Basse Seine et de l’Oise to operate a river transport service on the Seine and Oise rivers.
By 1898, the company towed almost 75% of the traffic on the Seine and 70% on the Oise, and changed its name to Société Générale de Touage et de Remorquage (the name it held until 1994). The company listed on the Paris stock exchange on 7 May 1906, thus opening new horizons for business expansion.
Numerous technological advancements were made in the first half of the 20th century. Touax became the first public operator in France to build industrial barges.
In 1954 the company ordered its first railcars, which were then managed by two independent operators.
In 1973 Touax began leasing modular buildings, which at that time consisted of wooden bungalows.
In 1975 Touax moved into shipping containers, and in 1985 acquired Gold Container Corporation – now one of the largest shipping-container lessors in the world.

A global company

A new era began for Touax in the 1980’s when it created Touax Corporation in the US. Touax has since been steadily growing its international footprint; its four businesses now serve global trade through platforms in Europe, North America, South America, and Asia.
In 1994 the company consolidated its operations under a single entity, Touax.

TOUAX today

Touax, based in France, is now one of the leading operational leasing companies worldwide. Its four businesses – shipping containers, modular buildings, river barges, and freight railcars – meet companies’ and local government’s needs for movable, flexible solutions.

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