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TOUAX's company values underpin its activities as it strives to serve the long-term interests of its stakeholders. The values reflect TOUAX's commitment to its shareholders, partners, employees, and the entire community, whether they are affected directly or indirectly by its operations.

Customer satisfaction 

Customer focus means paying close attention to customer needs, expectations and priorities, and using this information to provide personalised service. Only by maintaining a customer focus TOUAX can ensure its long-term success, form valuable relationships, and be able to meet its commitments to its stakeholders.

Integrity and honesty

Honesty with ourselves and with others; saying what we mean and meaning what we say. Integrity so that company values are reflected to the outside world as an undivided, integrated whole. Honesty and integrity mean being able to remain objective and impartial while transmitting the company values to others.


An open mind means a willingness to learn not only new skills, but also new perspectives and ways of thinking. It reflects a spirit that is open to diversity, able to adjust to new situations, eager to confront new horizons, and unafraid to ask incisive questions. 

Responsiveness and reliability

Reliability to make sure that every task results in high-quality work. Responsiveness to be able to handle unpredictable fluctuations in customer requests.  Reliability and responsiveness means being able to set priorities and allocate resources so that the business as a whole operates as efficiently as possible.

Team spirit

Teamwork means mutual trust among managers and employees as they work together to meet common goals. It also means earning the trust of TOUAX's partners through open dialogue and solid, effective relationships.


Respect means being able to work together and meet team goals while taking advantage of the benefits of diversity. High standards are borne out of and defined by a respect for others. TOUAX Group in France published a 58/100 score regarding its gender equality index for year 2022, a remarkable achievement by this standard.

Personal commitment, pleasure and pride

TOUAX employees, customers, shareholders, partners, and managers have the right to expect a strong personal commitment. This means being unafraid to take risks, act boldly, and accept the consequences. It also means proving the company’s involvement, and demonstrating the pleasure and pride that employees have in their work.  

Click here to download TOUAX Ethics Guidelines