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Ethics & anti-corruption


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In terms of business ethics, Touax adheres to high standards of governance and guarantees a high level of compliance. Since 2011, Touax has benefited from an Ethics Guidelines which forms an integral part of the company's internal regulations and applies to all our employees, both in France and abroad. 

To reinforce these rules, the Touax Group has also drawn up an anti-corruption code of conduct. This is a guide to be applied on a day-to-day basis to prevent and combat corruption and conflicts of interest, which sets out the main principles to be followed in terms of business ethics. 

The fight against corruption is the responsibility of all the Group's employees if we are to be effective and sustainable. We must set an example and convey this message of 'zero tolerance' to all our stakeholders. 

We also have an internal whistleblowing system for ethics and anti-corruption issues.

This approach, aimed at guaranteeing a high degree of integrity and responsibility in management practices and commercial transactions, also applies to our purchasing policy. In line with its commitments and principles of action, the Group expects each of its suppliers, and any person having a commercial relationship with a Touax entity, to respect the standards set out in its supplier code of conduct and to act ethically and responsibly.

It is the supplier's responsibility to ensure that all its own subcontractors, suppliers and partners comply with this code.

In terms of governance, the security of our information systems and data protection are necessarily at the heart of our concerns. Touax implements advanced cybersecurity strategies to guarantee the safety and confidentiality of its information. Cybersecurity training is regularly provided to all employees and an internal IT charter is in place.