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Acting for the environment


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Touax's unique eco-responsible positioning can be appreciated by analysing its value chain. Through the life cycle of its assets, which begins at the order stage, Touax is a key player in low-carbon transport.

Cycle de vie
Our assets meet the market's growing demands in terms of environmental and safety standards. Technological innovations are also introduced to optimise life cycles and improve equipment traceability.

Maintenance/ Certificates/ Repairs
  • The wagons follow very specific maintenance cycles (3, 6 and 12 years).
  • Barges are subject to navigation certificates that must be renewed
  • The containers are inspected every 30 months and receive ACEP certification. 

Our equipment is almost entirely recyclable, since it is mainly made of steel. 
  • The wagons are scrapped
  • The barges are cleaned and dismantled
  • On average, 8 out of 10 containers are reused (converted for land-based uses, dismantled for spare parts) and 2 are scrapped.
Low Carbon 
Our solutions enable our various customers to transport goods in a more environmentally friendly way than road and air freight, over multiple leasing cycles. 

Touax is working hard to reduce its carbon footprint.
Since 2022 we have been tracking the CO2 carbon footprint of our emissions according to scopes 1, 2 and 3. Our objective is clear: understanding the origins of our emissions to reduce our carbon impact and ensure the resilience and sustainability of our operations. Touax also analyses the impact of climate risks on its activities, based on its value chain.

Touax is also committed to sustainable finance.
Financing acts as a real catalyst, enabling long-term investment in low-carbon transport assets.  In 2023, for example, the Group has set up a Green Finance Framework, linked to the European taxonomy. This enables green finance instruments to be issued to finance or refinance eligible assets and projects.
On 31 December 2023, 75% of the Group's debt is 'green' or linked to CSR performance criteria.

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