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Sustainable development


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Governments encourage the development of rail and river transport at the expense of road with incentives such as energy-saving certificates or the introduction of new green taxes.
Industrial companies announce their intentions to reduce CO2 emissions, particularly by promoting the optimization of their supply chain.

In this context, TOUAX, with its Freight Railcar, River Barge and Container businesses, support its customers in the ongoing research of alternative transport solutions to road to reduce their sources of pollution and CO2 emissions in the management of their global flows.
TOUAX also supports the research for technical solutions, especially within professional associations, for the development of environmentally friendly components used in the manufacture of equipment.
TOUAX's end-of-life materials are recycled or re-used for various uses.
Mindful of environmental issues, our Group places sustainable development as one of the priorities of its innovation policy and the management of its operations.

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