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"Gold EcoVadis" Medal 2023


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Touax Group receives "Gold EcoVadis" Medal for its Corporate Social Responsibility approach.

We are pleased and proud to announce that Touax Group has been recognized for its outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach by the independent and international EcoVadis organization.
The assessment covers 21 CSR criteria grouped into 4 categories: Environment, Social & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement. We have been awarded the prestigious "Gold EcoVadis" medal, which is granted to the top 5% of companies whose practices and reputation are satisfactory in all 4 categories.
Our silver medal in 2022 was a stepping stone towards our pursuit of excellence in CSR practices, which enabled us in 2023 to clinch the gold medal for our second year of evaluation.
Our unique expertise in intermodal, rail, and inland waterway transport puts us in a prime position to contribute to environmental protection by providing a low-carbon mode of transportation. We are proud to comply with the best social and governance practices and to be recognized for our efforts in promoting sustainable transport. We believe that our Corporate Social Responsibility approach is a crucial driver for improving the group's productivity and financial and non-financial performances.

Touax Group is happy to share this award with all its customers and stakeholders and thanks all its employees for their involvement in the implementation of this long-lasting project. You can rely on us to pursue this path and to keep on developing our CSR initiatives.